We are seriously coming, BIG!


We are seriously coming, BIG!

By September, 2018 Bitcolony hits 100 days of active and itch free operation in more than 8 languages and more to come. A lot of bounties awaits our active users. You can’t afford to miss this.

We sincerely appreciate you for believing in us, we promise to be better than our best of yesterday. Do not stop talking to us, we remain open minded to every path that leads to success of our project.

Bitcolony utility token is going to be a BOMB! Take this to the MOON!

We strongly believe in taking responsibility. This we can only achieve when you faithfully do your part. We accept we do not know everything, we make do with what we know and it’s been magical.

Do you have anything to add to us?
– Please let us know.

Is there anyway we can assist?
– Say it.

Do you have issue or complain?
– Say it louder. We listen.

We’re open to assisting you, if only you would let us know. It is not only wrong of any users to say negative things about our project(s), we believe it is an act of greed. This would lead anyone to no where!

Our project is flexible. We do not make anything mandatory including referrals, it is strictly based on user’s personal conviction and an act of being responsible. We do not give free money. NO! Every earnings must be worked for through commitment by investing your choice amount. If you want more, please DO MORE!

We have users with very insignificant direct deposits that are making four figures (earnings) through active referrals. They are our WHALES! We do not joke with such users. What you give into our project is outrightly what you get. We remain our ground on this.

However, users who are constantly threatening our “make payment” system are advised to forget it. We reiterate that our simplicity should not be taken for incompetence.

Every glitch on our project is often as a result of active routine check and system maintenance. Please get busy and back off our project if you have nothing to add to us. We shall never condone any act of cheat or manipulation of our system. Any user/s culpable of this act shall be banned (see our terms) with no remedy.

On the aforesaid, we wish all our users happy staying on board and thank you for helping us grow.

Bitcolony is capable!

Best regards,


Our partners


Why Peer-funding?

To consistently fulfilling our promises of bringing the best to table for our dear users. We have developed a new tool – “Peer-funding”.

You save up to $10 charges! read more…