Terms and conditions on this platform are strictly to be adhered to for better results to all and sundry.

By visiting and initiating a registration on our platform, you are binded by our rules and regulations. We advice you kindly read properly our Terms and Conditions. Seek help where and when necessary before completing registration.

Bitcolony does not provide fiat investment opportunity on its platform and as such is not subjected to the stringent rules that come with it. Bitcolony functions as a leverage between investors and the right medium to have their money gain continuous returns. We reserve the right to remove completely any incentives to campaign promotion, tokens and/or other freebies attached to our project and also lies with us the right to review upwardly or downwardly our affiliates programme commission or its total cancellation. Bitcolony does not have any influence over the rise and fall of cryptocurrencies assets but outlook for best of options to help its users gain continuously regardless of crypto-assets volatility.

Any individual or corporate can trade Bitcolony for better results. You must be at least 18/+ years of age to use our platform. You agree that all information, interactions, materials and/or promotional contents emanating from Bitcolony are to remain unsolicited and must be kept private, confidential and protected from any disclosure except it is with a clear written permission from the Administration of Bitcolony.

Currently, investments are only acceptable in BTC – Bitcoin Core, BCH – Bitcoin Cash, ETH – Ethereum and LTC – Litecoin. We shall consider other investment options in future. ROI – Return On Investment(s) are generated every 4 hours and deposited on investors’ dashboard available for withdrawal at your convenience. All investments lifespan ends at 100days after which investors may recycle. That is, investors may decide to re-invest or make a fresh investment commitment. It is optional. No compulsion with Bitcolony. Return on every investment depends on investment sum which our experts handle efficiently and every investors gets appropriate returns on their investment – WITHDRAWABLE anytime, anyday.

Bitcolony shall not be liable for any loss of your log (credentials) in details. We advice you kindly guard same jealously. During investment commitment. That is, at the point of making payment of investment sum. Please pay close attention to details (for instance, you should make deposit in the format 0.005 and not in $50.00) on how to initiate and conclude your investment exercise to avoid “payment error” or your payment may not be confirmed. We advice you seek help on this.

Our investors made us, therefore we put you first. Investor/s can decide to withdraw (minimum) whatever available as their ROI at anytime. Investors must have in mind that a network charges of up to 0.0005 is applicable on every withdrawal.

The future is bright with us! As such, Bitcolony has kept referral programme at 3 levels. Study has proven it that excessive bonuses emanating from affiliate programmes encourages fraud in the system. We have built on this and maintained a minimal of 3 (5%, 3% and 1%) levels to encourage participants expand their reach coupled with our unbeaten ROI, – capable of overriding incessant affiliate commission in due time. We have a career path that favors only the committed participants who promotes our platform diligently.

Flexibility is another name we answer loud and clear. No one should be held against his will. Investors can decide to terminate their investment plan anytime with at least one month prior notice (in writing) to the Admin. for proper tiding up of their records after which such account is completely deleted from the system and requires a new registration if for any reason such investor returns to our platform.

We shall not condone any act of cheat or manipulation of our system. Any user/s culpable of this act shall be banned with no remedy.

Re-investment is necessary but not compulsory. We are more concerned about the security of our system and its longevity without putting unnecessary pressure on the people.

Bitcolony reserves the right to modify, change parts or all of its components, Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notification to any users. Bitcolony will provide notice of these changes by updating the revised Terms and Conditions on its website – All modifications or changes to its components and/or the Terms and Conditions will be effective immediately upon being announced on the website. Thus, your continued use of Bitcolony services acts as acceptance of the modified Terms and Conditions.

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