“Crypto… is the biggest wealth transfer in history.” – Dan Novaes.

Bitcolony came into existence to ease the stress and often ignorance of many investors and would-be investors trading Cryptocurrencies by themselves and loosing lump sum of their hard earned money. We Bounce recklessness in Cryptocurrency trading and offer services to help investors have their money work for them. This platform does not guanratee a specified ROI – Returns On Investment. This is so, because Bitcolony is not HYIP – High Yield Investment Program and does not run a Ponzi.

Bitcolony profits from expert projection and endless demand. In the past years, our investors earns and still earning up to 5.47% ROI – Return On Investment on a daily basis. Yet, we’re working tiredlessly to be better. This is our believe helping people improve on their earnings and happy people help us to also grow. Up to 164% ROI is withdrawable over time. Withdrawal is made open anytime investor requires access to their hard earned money. Another reason many trusts us.

Bitcolony to launch it’s future ICO, thereby implore all participants to ensure registeration is done with valid information (username, e-mail and phone number) only. During the onboarding process for it’s ICO, identity verification and the AML check will be followed by a check of the investor category where applicable. In case any doubts, a manual investigation will take effect.

KYC – Know Your Customer and AML – Anti-Money Laundering regulations requires customer’s identity to be verified and checked against various lists concerning terrorism, embargos and it’s related crime. Bitcolony will surely be implementing this process with professional service providers before, during and after it’s successful ICO exercise.

Annually, trading analysis are being carried out on our platform which is usually conducted by professional brokers. We do not only believe in the world experts, we follow the path in bringing the best to tables for our aiming customers.

We are consistently in negotiation with major international accounting firms. To evaluate our processes, audit our accounting, and deliver reports on how we adhere to guidelines of our prospectus.

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Why Peer-funding?

To consistently fulfilling our promises of bringing the best to table for our dear users. We have developed a new tool – “Peer-funding”.

You save up to $10 charges! read more…