A – Minimum investment sum is $50 or Input your choice amount. There is an opening whereby investors can input any figure (e.g 50 or 1000 without $ sign) of their choice. The system generates the BTC, BCH, ETH or LTC equivalent according to your choice of cryptocurrency. Please make a deposit of the exact amount (e.g 0.01726) generated in cryptocurrency to avoid payment error.

We often suggest to our users to invest responsibly. Our system has been designed to set investment limitation for every user per hourly counts.

A – Yes. Anybody from anywhere in the world can participate investing Bitcolony for a well deserved returns.

A – We have 3 levels of referrals. 5%, 3% and 1%. There are other ways dedicated users can make extra earnings that is worked for.

A – BTC – Bitcoin CoreBCH – Bitcoin CashETH – Ethereum and LTC – Litecoin currently. We shall consider other payment methods in future.

Kindly follow these simple steps to make (deposit) payment:

1. Click on “Make payment”
2. Input your choice amount in the box for dollars.
3. Select choice of crypto… you’re depositing (BTC, ETH, BCH or LTC)
4. Click submit
5. Then copy the generated wallet address to make your payment into
6. Pay the exact amount generated (e.g 0.005) and not the dollar value (e.g $50)
7. Patiently wait for email confirmation of funds deposited which will later reflect on your dashboard.

Alternatively: you can invest via Peer-funding. Negotiate buying earnings with any existing user, pay in your local currency then provide your username to the fellow for instant funding.

It’s that simple!

A – Withdrawal is almost instantly with Bitcolony. We do not have power over Blockchain network and/or user’s wallet provider configuration. Hence, delay in withdrawal would rather not be from us.

Follow these simple steps for safe withdrawal:

1. Click on withdrawal
2. Input the amount to be withdrawn in Bitcoin format (e.g 0.005)
3. Select the cryptocurrencies to be withdrawn from the drop down (e.g BTC for Bitcoin, ETH for Ethereum, LTC for Litecoin or BCH for Bitcoin Cash) depending on the currency you invested.
4. Insert your choice wallet address
5. Submit

In minutes, your cryptocurrencies will hit your desired wallet.

A – No. Any wallet address is suitable provided it is well inputted as at the time of making withdrawal to avoid funds loss.

A – No user is allowed to operate more than a single account. Any user with more than one account violates our T & C. Such user shall be banned if and when system detects it. There is no remedy for such action.

A – Bitcolony ideology is simple. We believe we know what you may not know, but lack what you have. Hence, let’s be happy together. In the face of technical difficulties we remain standing. We do not just say it, we mean it when we say it. Yet, we remain our ground not promising a ‘specified’ returns because study has proven that to be the parents to all Scams.

A – In all honesty, it is impossible to guarantee 100% cyber (Internet) security. We do not guarantee anything. Thus, we request that you understand the responsibility to independently take safety precautions where and when necessary including self caution with the usage of public computers to protect your personal information. We have implemented a number of security measures to ensure that your information is not lost, abused, and/or altered. Our data security measures includes sophisticated encryption technology, internal data access restrictions, and strict physical access controls.

A – Yes. Anybody can work with us to help us achieve our set goals. We strongly believe we cannot achieve success alone. Be rest assured the reward for diligence and commitment is awesome with Bitcolony.

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Why Peer-funding?

To consistently fulfilling our promises of bringing the best to table for our dear users. We have developed a new tool – “Peer-funding”.

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