Away from the News


Away from the News

Compliments and welcome to the future with Bitcolony.

2019 is here. Helping people make real figures trading digital currencies turn fiat remains our priority.

Bulk of our time spent on research, discoveries and constant improvement on how best we deliver quality services retaining the fore-most investment platform this year and beyond. We do not run with time, we make time.

Earning base rate from 1% on any invested sum to as high as 5.47% daily is achievable if you understand our dynamics. Study our system, ask questions, help us grow and we’re confident the resultant would be felt on your wallet.

With our highly skilled maintenance team, we’re a step ahead of security threats. We keep an eye on every components of our system to prevent any form of attack. We only seek your maximum patience if and when anything goes wrong. No panic, simply talk to us.


Until the end of first quarter of 2019 or as preferred by the Admin. We’re waving verification exercises to allow prospects without Identity register and participate trading Bitcolony. However, the use of IP tracker to curb multiple account opening remains active.

Join us to make difference.

Warning: Administration of Bitcolony shall not be liable for any loss in user’s log in credentials. Thus, we advice you keep and guard your log in details jealously.

Visit today and also tell someone about us.

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Why Peer-funding?

To consistently fulfilling our promises of bringing the best to table for our dear users. We have developed a new tool – “Peer-funding”.

You save up to $10 charges! read more…